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repub if you are a gay, a homosex, just a massive fucking faggot. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

What's up, MAPs and AAMs? I've been scarce from here for a bit but I was thinking about choking out a little girl while she rides my cock and was reminded of you all ❀️

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Thinking about a little boy being forced to suck a fat dog knot. Make him swallow all that thick puppy cum. Make the puppy piss on his cute little face. I’ll cum and piss on his face too mmm.
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The feeling of finally inserting your thick, veiny pedo cock into a baby girl you've been grooming and stretching must be incredible

I wanna smooch a cute little trans girl all over while she's balls deep on my dick.

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tw jerking off to fucked up abuse cont. 

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tw jerking off to fucked up abuse again 

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I just want to get married to a beautiful deer and have rough beast sex everyday but nooo society says you can only fuck and marry humans ;w;
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Wanna raise a little girl from infancy, a daughter of my own to spoil rotten with gifts and clothes and child porn and sex and a hot load of pedo cum for her to suckle out of my cock every morning and every night πŸ’œπŸ’œ Just wanna be a pedomommyyyyy
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Very much want a teeny pussy to lick while a jerk my pedo cock

Need to relax on a couch with a pair of little trans girls, my fingers working their tiny cocks while they each wrap a hand around my hard pedo dick and pump it together to the cp we're watching.

I've got an ass full of vibrating plug, a hand full of pedocock, and a mind full of sick thoughts tonight. How's everyone else doing?

What a wonderful day of meeting new pedo friends and gooning out together it's been! I love all of you ❀️

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Need a kid with premature ejaculation, to tease him in some public place and make him cum inside his pants, later to take him to a public bathroom and lick all his cummies from his messy crotch ❀️

The cutest accessory you can give your daughter is a face full of cum and piss.

The seven year old girl closes her eyes and giggles as her hands pump your cock, milking out rope after rope of pedo cum across her face. The other kids on the playground quickly snap pictures and send them to their parents, asking when they'll give them facials too!

Good morning to all my pedo and MAP friends! Hope you have a horny day ❀️

Wish I had some kids to share my toybox with. Would love to watch a cute boy in skirt and thigh-highs sink down onto this horsecock dildo I'm riding now.

Little boys having toe-curling dry orgasms are just the cutest thing! They should use my mouth to help themselves cum over and over~

Jerking off in the car as you wait to pick up your daughter from school, your cock hard from eying all the boys and girls. As soon as she shows up, without hesitating she wraps her tiny lips around your cockhead. It only takes a few moments before you pop, feeding her an after-school snack of spunk.

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