Coming Back with my new OC! Miele, Queen knight from Bee tribe. Hope you guys like her! ❤️

Actually, I drew this since January, but I was busy with studying and taking university's law exam so I didn't post for age!

Hi~~! All my beloved pawoo friends, sorry for not update for a while, I've been practicing with my best friend for weeks.

Now I come back with another verse of my favorite OC, Kanin. Original verse is Fantasy Bunny Priestess right?

But in this ordinary junior high school girl verse, her name is Meimei! Still Cute and Playful as ever!

@nenetan9696 This is my friend's pawoo. You guys can follow her here if interested.

Greeting First time on Pawoo! Introduce you guys with my beloved bunny loli priestess oc~ Kanin

She's my oc I created for commu roleplaying.


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