Alright I'm planning to start writing the Outer Worlds review tomorrow. Don't know if I'll have a completed playthrough of the main story like I wanted but that's because of one thing, I just want to do so much of everything that I keep getting sidetracked!

I don't know about you but the fact it's so compelling that I'm involuntarily going after everything counts as a strong positive in my book

Worked for five hours tonight

Three of that was spent shucking 4000 packets of white sugar in to two liter ice cream containers

Tittan Quest, it's like but with titts!

I would personally like to thank my one follower on this site

Thank you for having me clog your feed with promotions of my creative works and progress updates on the book I'm working on. A fantasy novella

Thank you

Book progress update: Chapter 2 has started! That is all

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MEDIA IN AMERICA: Joker is an irresponsible film that glorifies violence carried out by the dregs of society and will inspire absolute deplorables to riot!

Movie comes out


Just found out exists, planning to do an experiment with my new book when it's done. I'll publish the ebook directly through Amazon while I'll use Lulu for the paperback. Lulu would mean greater potential distribution beyond Amazon and to retailers like Barnes & Noble stateside

Finally finished reading 'At The Mountains of Madness'

Bloody great read!

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i just realized this sub exists. oh well, here's a picture of my baby boy sitting next to a beer bottle (took this in june)

And Jim Sterling blocked me

Book progress update: First chapter is done! Now on to the second, then the third and after both of that time to start the 2nd draft

B E N D E R! Beeeeeender! B E N D E R! Beeeeeeeeeender! Sayin B, E, EN, DEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!

The first of six flippable imports has arrived. I am awaiting the arrival of the second before I put it, and this one, up for sale

Book Progress Update: The first chapter is now 80% done! :D Soon it will be done by either tomorrow or later in the week & some progress on the second chapter will immediately follow. Keep in mind this is just the first draft

At long last! review is now rendering!