you can always tell how sturdy a moral center a person actually has when all of their loudly-held ethical positions are obviously just knee-jerk responses to opinions expressed by people they don't like

cliquish artists are jealously hoarding their secrets in books that are widely recommended and often freely available at public libraries and in tutorial videos and walkthroughs that you can just like, get on pinterest and youtube, instead of being generous and sharing their knowledge with us, the rabble they look down on. they should approach me personally and hold my hand and tell me my stuff is good without me having to expend any effort on my own

A fun thing to do if you can't draw very well is to police the business decisions, social habits, and creative output of people who can, it's all the fun of living the creative lifestyle with none of the hassle of having to skill up to get there

ugh I hate how furries keep trying to normalize their weird fetishes, some of us work very hard at being boring and now anyone can be

Wow I can't believe Astolpho keeps changing the locks on his house after every time I try to break in, it's like he's obsessed with me, way to be paranoid my guy, smh

The cops caught me keeping my bab and main accounts separate and now I'm doing 20 years hard time for accessory to kinkshaming


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