@KikouTeschio "E-Eh ? Wh-Why would you . . I-I mean I.. . I w-wouldn't mind that buy. . . Is that really all it would take ?"

@KikouTeschio "St-Stay by your side. . .? Okay. . I can do that. I umm . . I-I'll follow you the. . entire day."

@KikouTeschio "I-I. . . would like to help. . . No matter what this nightmare might be."

@LarkspurWaltz She looked left, and then right. While there had been many cheering audiences in the background, none of them looked willing to battle. Yet capable, either.

"I-I'll be your opponent. . Um. . if that's okay." She swallowed, after saying those words. After the dance she witnessed, she wasn't sure she could keep up naturally.

But still, even in the midst of that veil showered gaze, her eyes didn't divert. That could be proving enough that she had some will of a fighter.

“Someone asked if I believed in reincarnation—if I was a memory, or a walking premonition.”

"I'm sorry. . . . But please, don't hate me for this."

@KikouTeschio "Open. .. doors ?

I mean, your style looks similar, and. ... o-oh ! H-He's not a. . . l-lover, right. .. ? "

@LarkspurWaltz "I-I. . . ."

She'd been with a studder, pulled back into the confines of reality, and away from her ample day dreams.

"I would like t-to witness your dance again. . .Please !"


"S-S-Such a beautiful outfit.. . A-And her movements. . . so unique.. ."

@KikouTeschio "Hmm. .. treasures. . . well, when you put it that way, I understand.. ."

As those words came forth, a noticeable blush had tinted her face, all the way to her ears.

"L-Like my poems that I find cute. . . and dreamy, I don't like to share them with anyone. . . ehehehe. . ."

And it didn't take long for her to snap forth again, shaking her head with an embarrassing expression and a startled gasp.

"U-Uh, I-I mean, y-yeah ! S-Some treasures are d-d-definitely best left to >

Accidentally falls, and clonks her forehead against the reader's !!

She stood near the balcony, arms resting on the handle of support. That left her blonde locks flowing as freely as her oh, so corrupt mind.


". . . Your hands and teeth. . . th-they reek of blood. ."


". .. Yes. But if you ask me, talking about them feels less stressful."


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