hey @lain. I have an issue over Christmas with my internet which meant my instance (pleroma.amoonrabbit.reisen) was down for the best part of a month. Now it's back online it's failing to federate properly. Short of nuking it, what can I do?

Although pawoo hasn't updated the ava for the account either...

@duponin hey, I got my instance back up, but can you actually see me?

@duponin my instance will remain a KO until the middle of January at the earliest....

Because they're incompetent, I've been forced to switch providers. As such, my music server and own pleroma instance remains offline.

My home is going to be offline till the 19th at the earliest. Thanks Virgin Media, useless pricks.

I have managed to setup my own pleroma instance which supports mastodon as well as other platforms.

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