A Moon Rabbit @amoonrabbit@pawoo.net

I want a good set of Hiragana keycaps for my new keyboard project, but the mixed Hiragana and English keycaps are US style. I need UK style if possible!

Got my headset today, time to ditch the failing Corsair Void with it's dead battery...

I get my new headset today. A replacement for my Corsair wireless RGB headset that now fails to hold a charge. Gone with steel series

oh that's weird. if you deleted a Twitter account, and then immediately setup a new account with the same handle. if someone likes any of the old tweets mentioning the old handle as used by your old account, it'll show up in your notifications.

The dialogue music in 's Northern Parliament campaign reminds me of Ace Combat


I've cleared my Pixiv, so there's nothing on it right now. But I will be putting new stuff up.

Current WIP I'm working on usaa~

I ordered a Ducky one 2 mini, the wait is agonising. 2-3 weeks still to wait for stock to arrive at the supplier

why are hands so difficult to draw?

I'm working on a Christmas avatar, which I will hopefully have done by this weekend.

you know, I wish more of Kanako Itō's music was available on Google Play Music in the UK.