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@air 絵師ではないがアマチュアで絵を趣味にして描いている人のマークを作ってほしい。案としては絵師のマークに若葉マークを足したものとか。若葉マークをでかくして絵師マークを小さくかな。

@sabakaan 私もプロ絵師ではないですが絵師マークを付けておりますよ。


@air 帰ったらそうしますぱう。

@neimzr4luzerz @moonman @air I ran these moon runes through google translate and got a list of chinaman fetishes. Since I'm a chaste family man I will not indulge in this faggotry.
@noyoushutthefuckupdad @moonman @neimzr4luzerz @air i don't like how it says "BL" because that is not what that term means in that context
@neimzr4luzerz @noyoushutthefuckupdad @air I don't want to formalize filtering on this because theyre single unicode characters usually.

@delores @neimzr4luzerz @noyoushutthefuckupdad @moonman
It is a mark list in the server of Japanese mastodon, pawoo.
We do not consider using it on other servers.

@noyoushutthefuckupdad @neimzr4luzerz @delores @moonman

Server that I have will apply the laws of Japan.
There is no law to punish two-dimensional pornographic images such as ANIME.

@air @noyoushutthefuckupdad @delores @neimzr4luzerz don't worry, no one is asking you to change your server. I was asked to filter your server, using those terms. I am not going to do that (I may give users ability to do it for just themself.)
@air @noyoushutthefuckupdad @delores @neimzr4luzerz Just for explanation: In English, "boy love" is a phrase used by adult pedophiles who harm actual children.

@moonman @neimzr4luzerz @delores @noyoushutthefuckupdad
It is not a word used as a thing used by sex offenders in Japan.
It is only love.

@air わかりました。 私はhttps://shitposter.clubの所有者です。 そして、私はpawooを検閲しない。 

Please think the mark to find a fellow in pawoo.
We do not consider using overseas.

@1iceloops123 @moonman
People trying to rape a real girl does not have in pawoo.
I want you to remember that.

@neimzr4luzerz 4. I engaged him because he began talking directly to me.
5. Their content will never show up on public if nobody repeats them so how is it an issue? Do you want me to suppress certain users from even showing up in the public TL even when they're posting allowed content?

Here is what I could do: automatically add a NSFW tag if I detect that info and an image.
@neimzr4luzerz (to be clear I was trying to respond in my capacity as an admin to assure him that users on pawoo will not be filtered. so yes, I initiated, because it affected the perception of my server. I didn't mean to talk over you.)
@moonman @neimzr4luzerz  maybe problem i cant read japanese and google translate is bad

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@yakai_oh 魔法系という性癖ジャンルはあるのでしょうか…?

@air  異世界もので良くある「魔法による拘束・操作」や「催眠・洗脳」とか言った魔術系エロシチュでしょうか。実は触手系と同じくらい古くからあるポピュラーなジャンルだったりします。

@yakai_oh 催眠や洗脳は魔術系以外でも薬による洗脳などもありますので魔術系のくくりには入らないかなぁとおもいますね…