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what if Nero ties vergil down

and doesnt touch him and just watch him suffer from the vibrators. no touch.

as punishment

Wait.. did the composer of devil trigger and silver bullet really said that the chorus was a love song?

If so..

Oh. My. God.

Silver bullet.. plays when... he fought... Vergil....




the only way im able to draw nero like this is when im thinking he's going h-rny over vergil

so yes. i drew this with NeroVergil in mind 😂

giving vergil 🐱 now has become my normal norm whenever i draw nude and nsfw of him

Nero : and he's okay with that!?Dark Nero : and so he asks, tell me daddy are you okay with that? //looks at red Vergil//
Red Vergil : //smiles genuinely// of course.
Nero : what the f-ck is up with you both?
Vergil : this is far twisted.....

Dark Nero : this piece of shit is you too, you know.
Nero : //about to attack Dark Nero but stopped by Vergil//
Vergil : watch your mouth, scum.
Dark Nero : hearing you say sh-t to me annoys me. hey, can i teach your Vergil a lesson too?
Nero : f-ck off. don't touch him. //is growling//
Vergil : //points at Red Vergil.// im threatening your son, are you not to do anything?
Dark Nero : he wont say anything because I told him he doesnt need to talk. he'll only respond to me.


dark NV meeting normal NV

Dark Nero : another Vergil ? that's nice. I wouldn't mind having two.
Nero : the f-ck did you say?
Dark Nero : i meant what i said. and to think you still let him speak to you like that? to insult you? f-cking pathetic if you ask me. youre too soft on him. after all the shit he did. he needs to get restrained. put on a f-cking leash. taught a lesson. you made him submit so you act on that. or are you all just words?
Nero : you piece of sh-t, (+)

dark nero : is a full on no shame yandere. he monitors all of red vergils movements. knows everything red vergil does. from his habits to his schedule.

bites / marks red vergil everyday.

cant go a day without touching red Vergil's skin.

and red vergil? still same with og canon vergil. but is 100% tame and submissive to dark nero. he just wants to please dark nero in any way he can.

despite their sick and twisted relationship. theyre loyal to and loves one another very much.

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