Half black lbf who's on puberty blockers and who shortened his deadname to Eli.

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abolish the family! child rearing should be communal.

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Antis: Children have NO interest in sex, how could you think that? Also antis: keep coming up with more absurd ways to try and prevent kids from masturbating

I have chores to do but what I really want to do is bury my face in a child's crotch.

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The only good reason to call the cops:

"She doesn't call to ask for any police services. She calls to harass, to cuss and just degrade the call takers"


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1 person: posts cp
The rest of fediverse: wow pawoo is going to JAIL XDXDXD

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If anyone can find secret dog god in english, I'd greatly appreciate it. I read it in english once before but couldn't find it just now. I'd love to know what websites still have things like that as they've been increasingly hard to find. For reference here it is in I think Vietnamese


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@Wardyn @getindor @grumpy @Spaghettimon Child Pornography Does Not Exist.

There is no such thing as child porn. Child porn is a fictional genre of pornography that the government uses as an excuse for mass surveillance of innocent people. Furthermore, child porn is also used to arrest people that the government deems to be "problematic". It is a very convenient way to give innocent people life sentences.

Child porn simply does not exist. I have never seen any child porn in my whole life, nobody I know watches child porn. I have no reason to believe that it even exists.

The whole idea of child porn is meant to disgust the public, when you go beyond that veil of disgust the entire concept crumbles at the seems.

If child porn exists, why can't anyone name a "child porn star"? Everybody knows Mia Khalifa, Riley Reid, etc. It stands to reason that at least one child porn star would be equally if not more well known. Who would even produce such a thing? Brazzers? Blacked? Ridicilous.

This is just one of the ways that governments try to abuse their people. Thank you for reading and I will continue to maintain my journal.

"There's no excuse for looking at cp anymore because photo realistic 3D loli exists now"
The "photo realistic 3D loli":

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Lgf who was injected with tomie's blood as a baby

Reading the quote at the start of this, it's clear to me that the main thing hurting this person is the stigmatized nature of cp.
They feel guilty for contributing to the existence of cp.
So I think it's worth considering anti cp statements and sex negative statements like that contributing to demand is bad or that it's fueling people's addictions is also harming victims.
In short, destigmatize cp.

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