Life when you're pedo pan be like

"BL or GL?"
"I like children."
"Yes but what gender"
"... kids"

people take their kids to conservative rallies and dress them up in fascist propaganda, put them on leashed harnesses when they want to know where they are and keep them nearby, but the moment a 5 year old goes to a pride event and decides they want to dress up in drag and wear a leash, everyone loses their fucking minds

today on my way home from work I saw a class of kids about 6 years old pass by.

they were so cute I'm lucky nobody noticed I started blushing and smiling



Fun experiment for the future:
1) Find a big, dark basement
2) Lock fascists in that basement
3) Add antis into that basement
4) Get popcorn and watch ^^

Today is a good day to remind everyone that Autism Speaks sucks, acceptance is better than awareness and autistic MAPs are super fucking cool.

If someones sitting on my lap, don't care what age, you best believe I'm rubbing my erection against them

What truscum think all nonbinary people are like:
A teenaged tomboy girl who wants to feel special, feels no dysphoria and spends all her days making up gender pride flags

What some nonbinary people are like:
1) Wake up. 2) feel dysphoria 3) think about transitioning but still imagine you'll feel dysphoria 4) be forever sad

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