If any of you crack a manager joke at me I WILL demand to speak to the manager
Still amazed that these dummies stand outside all day in Times Square with no bathroom just to maybe be on tv. I fucking hate tImes Square it’s a disgusting collection of mentally ill wierdos and it smells like piss.
@ArdanianRight WTF. I have to watch the fucking movie now. Is Ian McDiarmid doing the role of Palpatine?

How did they justify him coming back?
hate symbol definition: breakfast

The term "breakfast" is commonly used by racists to refer to a meal eaten in the morning. However, non-racists will also often use this term and consume food in a similar fashion, so care must be taken in considering the context in which it is used.

see also: milk
Labour, please stop fielding Communist candidates, nobody likes them except retarded students and you'll never win, and as long as you don't win we'll continue our gradual return to feudalism.

People acting surprised that pedos are comin our the woodworks yet these idiots won’t ever think hard enough to connect the dots. They want to keep their makeup. Keep shaving. Keep the validation they get from men. Even at the expense of young girls. Even at the expense of their own daughters. Their granddaughters. It’s disgraceful.

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