Working from home but my coworker wants to set up a meeting when I'm in the office so he can show me the application instead of using the meeting software we pay for. 🤔

Successful disassembly of my watch to replace the decorative border around the date window. Super glad I bought these tools just so I could replace the strap and battery of an old watch.

Replaced my brake pads and chain on my bike. Feels really good to have accomplished that without *too* much trouble and rides way nicer now with that factory lube.

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Bought a heated pet bed for the cat today. I accidentally put the cover on the wrong side of the heated element. She liked it too much to let me flip it over. Fine, you don't know what you're missing out on!

Hunter: *exists*

Everything including the herbivores: FUCK that guy

Definitely feels strange going back to Generations after playing World. All the clunkiness makes low rank more difficult than elder dragons in World 😂 And the small monsters endlessly respawn to make your day worse.

And then every time I look at the low rank quests to do, I want to end it all because who thought every quest level should be filled with gathering and small monster hunts.

The first 7 attempts I couldn't even kill Ouroboros but I only needed one more hour to do it 😭

what the fuck am I allergic to, I just got home and started itching up like crazy aaaaaaaaaaaaa histamines please stop

Gray! Getting some good luck on first pulling but no Kagero to bless me yet.

not enough coffee + not enough sleep + warm day is a dangerous combination of sleepy

red princess eludes me again but the replacement is always good so I can't even complain 🤷

Night Breaks Through: Mobile version. No Benny to bail me out here.

I didn't get my 5 feathers again and ruined my count! WHY IS THIS STILL A THING

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