Un buen baño de leche para nuestra bebita, manden ideas para ella así acá jugamos todos 😈
#baby #toddlercon #cum #bukkake

What if you have a fuck-me tattoo drawn on a newborn, permanently branding the little tyke as fuckmeat for life. I wonder how the tattoo would change as they grow up, how it would look when they finally become an adult? Imagine being the tattoo artist doing the deed, penetrating the squirming little thing with your sharp needle, injecting your stain into its skin, marking them with shame before it even knows what it means, just that it hurts, hurts, hurts.
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Pedo, Pregnancy 

In this Mother's Day, why not pick her up and begin to fill her with baby batter so that she may join the celebrations the next year!~

🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Will it go in her? :blobowoevil:
Trying a different style, tell me what you think.

Dirty Diaper! 

🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Someone's looking at the potty butt!

Dirty Diapers! 

🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Cleaning out.. (Colored) 💩

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