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I will post future NSFW content on

Koa and Ling sure do know how to have fun! We predict grilled fish for dinner! Commission done! Enjoy!


Octoling boy OC commissioned by @seatrooper
It was a fun commission, especially coming up with a unique hairstyle for an octoboy!

Want some of my popsicle? Sketch comm for @Slock125 on twitter!! ~~~ yeah i want some of HIS popsicle 😏😍🥰

My first NSFW post!
My favorite Pokeboy, Elio is here!
(トレーナー) (トレーナー)

Lemme start with this...
This boi named Goh/Gou, from the new series of Pokemon!

Hiya! Shirou here! AKA ShirouM, or ShirouM046. I'm a shota artist, and this is my new pawoo account. I would start posting here as well from now on!

1000 Follower Special - part 4 (final)


Thanks and enjoy! ^_^