Silent Sinner in Scarlet

Every @Youtube content maker who follows me here should carefully play this 31-minute-long video because it seriously concerns all of us @ytcreators:

Hulu (no ads) - $13
Netflix - $12
HBO now/max - $15
Disney+ - $7
Amazon Prime - $9
E-girl Premium Snapchats - $2654
CBS All Access - $6

Total, $2716 a month for streaming and entertainment services

Explain how this was supposed to save us money over cable?

@march Yes, but I am still waiting for a payout from them. They took over distribution of my PC-98 album since shortly after Summer Comiket, yet I am yet to see a single yen from them. So, are they really cooperating with 55 circles, or are they just cooperating with the Japanese ones (the ones with Japanese bank accounts)? Honestly, they should have just let BOOTH itself collect the 15% royalty fee for ZUN and pay out circles directly via PayPal, not via non-paying TDMD…

@march @fluffy > it's more like a collection of doujin circles that banded together than some official body.
Most specifically, a collection of Japanese doujin circles banding together to protect their own dominance over Touhou derivative music from emerging non-Japanese circles (like, for example, NetCAVY Records and mine, who are yet to see a single yen in payouts).

[BREAKING] Extremely important touhou doujin news!

A sort of licensing company for distributing touhou doujin music to online platforns, 東方同人音楽流通 (Touhou Doujin Music Distribution aka TDMD), has started corresponding with youtube about implementing Content ID on uploaded songs. Several doujin circles listed on their website have signed up with this company for electronic distribution of their albums.

The respective circles will have the final say on what happens to tagged videos. There are quite a lot of circles that don't have a contract with TDMD so they are not affected by this action.

As of 29 September 2019, TDMD has cooperated with 55 circles and has distributed over 3000 albums.
Remilia Scarlet has entered the game boy with the help of @ShrimpFry

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