Tell me the #instance with the lowest average intelligence you see in your life.

We have to applaud for having the fastest moderation team when it comes to responding to email reports of illegal MEGAlinks: in less than five minutes upon receipt of each report, they nuke the link(s) & their uploaders’ accounts. Compare that to Twitter, which often takes anytime between an hour & up to a month (way too much!) to nuke a single pedophile or zoophile that contaminates Twitter’s timeline. Or even Pawoo itself, whose response time varies from 5 min to 48 hr.

Except, I’m not defending pedophilia. I’m just saying that Pawoo does a better job at banning pedos than Twitter does.

And no, I don’t have any more Fedi accounts other than this one at Pawoo because –unlike pedos Chizu & Co. who can’t seem to live unless they have accounts at every Fedi instance (,,,,, etc.)– I only need one & only one account, which is more than enough for my music needs.

@MischievousTomato @zero

A week is still way less than the month it takes Twitter to remove illegal shit.

And still, that doesn’t mean every Pawoo user is a pedo (just like not every KiwiFarms user is a lolicon); if the instance admins are lousy at moderating things, then the problem isn’t the majority of the instance users but rather the moderation team. Same thing applies to all media (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

@MischievousTomato @zero

@graf Proof of your baseless accusations? If you got no proof of anything, then don’t waste your time spitting out schizo bullshit. For I have more people who can vouch for me (with solid, unadulterated proof) being an anti-pedo than being a pedo.
And, don’t believe the words of real pedos like Charfuhrer & Chizu who are known for providing adulterated (often Inspect Element-ed) screenshots just to ridicule anti-pedos & prop up their own pro-c pedo agendas.
@MischievousTomato @zero

@graf What, are you as delusional as that Eris schizo from
That my instance is Pawoo doesn’t make me a pedo, for Pawoo does a way better job at banning CP from its platform (it takes less than 48 hours to ban an account upon receipt of a report) than even Twitter does (which often takes up to a month to remove illegal shit, & often refuses to remove it by alleging it doesn’t break their rules, until you personally bring in the FBI upon them LMFAO).
@MischievousTomato @zero

> do not lump me in with your child porn faggot
For your info, all my social media is 100% clean of illegal shit because I’m not a pedo, I don’t follow pedo accounts (not even lolicons), & I don’t favorite or boost pedo content. All you’ll find on my accounts is anti-pedo activism (including my own one-man efforts to try to eradicate pedophilia from Fedi) & anecdotes of me reporting Chinese Pixiv CP bots & even that whole pedo instance.

@MischievousTomato @zero

@graf @MischievousTomato @zero He was on according to my own investigations into his digital whereabouts:
Not sure what happened to his account there (self-deleted, banned, etc.) but I do remember he was on

Michael Rennie was ill the day the earth stood still
But he told us where we stand
And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear
Claude Rains was the invisible man
Then something went wrong for Faye Wray and King Kong
They got caught in a celluloid jam
Then at a deadly pace it came from outer space
And this is how the message ran...

@snow @derek Question: I wonder if EPIK also hosted before it got radio-silenced by that CyberTip report #96641054 I filed slightly more than two months ago…

@snow There is a difference: most people keep cats as pets, but least people keep poultry or migratory birds as pets.

> What? Ill animals don't go die but allow them to transmit virus?
So by your same token, do we kill all humans that get infected with the virus so that they don’t further transmit it? And end up turning into another North Korea? (because that’s exactly what Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship is doing to North Koreans who get the virus.)

Sorry, but if we show compassion to infected humans by treating them, then we should also extend that same compassion to our pets (dogs, cats, etc./など/usw.).

Make sure you properly lock your phone screen before stowing it into your pocket, otherwise you might end up having random buttons tapped on & sending floods of “blank invites” to random Discord DMs, like what happened to me an hour ago LMFAO!

Someone who got those blank invites even asked me if I was hacked. But no, I wasn’t hacked –after all, who can hack my Discord if it’s 2FA’d & I never leak my token by clicking on scam links?–, it was just a phone whoopsie; I am perfectly fine.

@welt @p I wonder who’s who among all those whining kids… Is any of them LoganTheACNOMAP? Chronic / ChronicAlly / ChronicProcrastinator? @PonyPanda perhaps? Or mayhaps @snow?

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