「 scorci 」 @Scorci@pawoo.net

Everyone giving Chelsi gifts and lovely treats
for her birthday yaaay!!

Japari Park here she comes!!
Chelsi on her way ^U^

ニュメちゃん パーフー

Animal Crossing Chelsi and Tsuki

*:・゚✧(,,・꒳・,,) !! Nini is weady fow BIG HUGS !!


Hewwo~ ♡ The Big Hug shirt is now available! ♡ -(Nini incwuded)
Pwease buy *:・゚✧(,,・꒳・,,) !!

@Jedbird@baraag.net thank you so much!! I'm proud of it <3

@PenguinPotential I use them on my discord server :p I'll find other places soon any recommendations?

I made Chelsi emotes