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If you're a pedo mommy or a trans mommy or trans daddy that wants to message me or wants me to message you but you have a hard time reaching out. Just favorite this and I'll message you okay. <3 you're amazing. And I want you to have a wonderful day.

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If you identify as trans, and pedo, and would like me to call you mommy. All you need to do is favorite this post and I'll DM you.

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So there's this captioner who does captions I like called bbfckr. Does anyone know where I can see a bunch of their captions? They keep deleting their stuff after a few days everytime I see them pop up on here. Please and thank you 🙏

Choked a whole bunch yesterday. And plan to do more this morning while she's still gone. Anyone have something for me to choke to? Or want me to do worse? Lemme know >.<

She's goooone. House is mine for the rest of the day and most of tommarow. Time for the porn people sent to be out on TV. Sadly it was just two vids and one is of a trans lady I've seen before but that doesn't matter! It's gonna be loud lol

Bored. Horny. Mom's leaving soon and I'll be home alone. People should respond to this with videos I should watch in the living room at full volume. You can DM of course. Can be anything but I prefer videos of trans women masturbating>.< Any sent I'll have to watch in full on the TV with the volume turned up. If no one sends anything I'm just gonna be watching porn hub again lol

I wonder what would happen if I let a dog knot my throat...

I'm just a toilet and a Fleshlight. I'll probably drown. But do you care?

Mommy? 05f3e2cc2a544ec21806376e992b5d47b69144d5b8e102b01e697525c6efb0ec63

It there a way to look at someone's profiles and not see their boosts? Hiding their boosts doesn't hide them in their profile.

Where are all the transpedos that will actually push me to do bad stuff and worse to myself.

Girls named Rose are all exclusive use transpedo toilets.

POV: your babysitter dragged you into your mother's room the moment she left you two alone. This was going to be one of the last things you ever saw.

"Alright sweetie, we're gonna play a game called how long can you hold your breath? Ah fuck. Look I'm really horny. You may not understand this but you're about to die you cute little retard."

When I will I have a nice trans lady saying sexually abusive things to me? T.T

POV: your babysitter told you to sit down and shut the fuck up. It'll help her get hard before she permanently breaks you by jerking over your face. You can't breath with the bag over your head, let alone talk. But, either way she doesn't seem like she's going to take it off soon. :X

I want a mommy that will jerk off while I choke or hang myself t.t

Nothing is on my mind. Head empty. But lonely. And a lil horny maybe.

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