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been obsessed with his fox boy

I dunno what his name is supposed to be in English. Kowaru The Jark? Coward The Jerk? The Dark?

Apparently the Made In Abyss guy worked on Elebits. I dunno I don't see it.

Send me your Wii with Wii Remote Plus Motion Plus Inside

Figured out you can use the Switch's updated Mii creator on the Nintendo website now.

Mastodon feel like years out of date. Everyone bitches when Twitter changes things but a lot of the things are for the better. Like media posts being able to just be the image without adding a stupid . when you don't type anything. Also the fact it is a Tweetdeck ripoff, which has always sucked. At least Pawoo is trying to reconfigure the interface to be better.

It was only 70F today so I am getting a head start on drinking hot tea with so much that the inside of my mouth is starting to become unpleasantly tanniny

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