Hear me out:

Theme park based around Comic-LO

Think about making a difference...

Captioning of art by Ichiichi Yuuna

Oh sure, tell me you did not think you'd love it...

Incest thoughts 

to build a world where even more people ARE “motherfuckers” than get called that today. to the point it stops being an insult because it’s so common.

step it up, ladies

To those hesitating whether you go ahead and share in comment how you feel about what you see around here: think of the release of letting it out to the approval of others here. think also of the danger of someone ever figuring that was the IRL YOU who made that comment. isn’t that tension something else?

Since found it came from the defunct comics-evolution site

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Again considering just purging my follow-request page. And also: moving forward I may not add just because you ask me directly if you are still otherwise an Invisible Man.

Come on, do you have ANY post that is NOT a boost??

Roadkill, another artist who draws a world that would be very interesting to live in...

When you look around what people are posting on the different networks and realize...
compared to some of those fuckers you are almost normal

One reason I keep many of my posts by default as follower-only is that it helps keep away unwanted attention. That it then prevents them from being boosted is an inconvenience I'm willing to accept.

Thoughts that come when the clarity hits

There’s “acting” and “suspension of disbelief”

Then there’s trying to sell to sell a chick pushing 30 with big hard implants and a face that screams “hard life” as the “teensge schoolgirl”

Thoughts that come when the clarity hits

Lolicon art where the kid keeps on her Randosel backpack *even after she’s naked*

You mean she stripped completely then just slung it back on for fetish effect?

Lewd thoughts 

15 y/o boy

His mother, his sister, an aunt, two cousins, the neighbor’s wife, two teachers at his school and four classmates already have had or are now carrying his babies.

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Lewd thoughts 

Grade 8 Female Teacher

Over her career has had 5 kids all fathered by boys in her class

Every time a half dozen boys could have been the father

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Always a good time to thank all who contribute both in words and in images, and also those who post to actually comment and reply to it with their own words so contributors feel encouraged or are guided to a better path. It takes ALL to make a good community.

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