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I'm not familiar with this artist work, but he reminds me of someone I use to chat with a lot on tumblr in 2018, if its the same artist then his content has certainly gotten better than what it use to be like before...But like most artist I've gotten close to, he probably went to Twitter...🤮 and I refuse to join Twitter. What a evil place to set up shop.


幽霊ホラー、怨霊に憑かれた保健室、廃校舎の巨乳美少女セックス | 四葉弘彦

Well, back to working on my book again. I've been sitting up for the past half hour trying to get my rocks off, and too much boring porn failed me. With that said, I will work on my graphic novel since I didn't bother to do it last month. Instead I chose to do as many Halloween themed renders as I could, and still want to do more. BUT as they say in the story I wrote, Everyday it's Christmas and Halloween in Shadow Hill. The best two times of the year.

God...I'm bored....So painfully bored I don't know what to do anymore. 😩 well, at least I have a few Halloween artworks to post here when I'm finished. I will be posting them on Baraag too just because the file sizes on there is much bigger than here. I hate how Pawoo doesn't have the option of fixing that so my images tend to be small in size and not the full size they were actually rendered in. Anyway, I'm going to finish working on them right now...Too bored to do much else.


If I had a wife and knew a group of big dick ladyboys I would strap her down to the bed with nowhere to go spread eagle and have her raped violently by the women with dicks and get her pregnant by force..This thought just made my cock so damn hard despite it's fucked up and cruel...yet highly arousing at the same time XD.


Whats up with this ddating for fun 🙄 crap I keep seeing? There is no way to completely block that site from showing these fake chick profiles in the local part of the site? It's extremely annoying. I blocked dozens of them and no matter how many times I do it, more just show up. 🤦‍♂️ If people spammed this site with actual art like that, maybe Pawoo would be able to go places.

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