Well that went better than I could have hoped for 😳

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I am horny. Anyone wanna rp? I can be whatever you want. DM me. 🥵

Whew. That’s better. Thanks Trans Angels!

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If I had a nickle for every time I’ve beat off to a cat from animal crossing, I would have two nickels.

I’m not mad, just weird that it happened twice.

As a reminder, I do take requests 😊. This one’s for you, you know who you are.

Pretty kitty

Also, I have no idea how to post these now with the loli tag being removed. Ugh!

A tribute to @xierra099 was my gateway to loli and this is one of my favorite stills from the series.

My first request! Here you go @Th3dzon3. Let me know whatcha think. Taking requests now!

I’m inspired by all the art here. I’ll keep trying my own. Let me know if anyone has any requests.

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Back after a short break. Now to find all the accounts I used to follow to get back up to speed. Sigh, the struggle is real.


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