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dante in his umbra witch form. (its from my previous work where dante acquired bayonetta's soul in death battle) also i really like the faust hat in DMCV.

made a devil may cry V short comic, but except the dante with bayonetta's soul.

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So Japanese Twitter artists are in an uproar to the Twitter TOS depicting underage art. This was bound to happen unfortunately but here's hoping that many of them move to #pawoo or #baraag which both promote freedom of expression

this will be my new base of operation! :D


Pawoo(パウー)はラッセルが運営するMastodonのインスタンス(サーバー)です。 「創作活動や自由なコミュニケーションを楽しめる場」として、どなたにも幅広く使っていただけます。