Sequel to my last Lola pic, I hope you like it.

Alright, took me a bit, but here is what I promissed to the fine people who support me in this dire times, thank you.

[Loli ahead]

So, the line animation is finally complete, other minor details and a possible background will be added in the colored version... Temp gif #nsfw #loli #r18

Gura full animation!

This was a FUN project kinda of. But at least it's over and it turned out great!

I found the 400 followers lilo animation I did some time ago, but someone increased the fps from 10 to 40 to make it look smoother, I have no idea who did this but it looks good, I might have to get that software for myself. :3

#loli #nsfw #lilo #lilo_pelekai #lilo_and_stitch #sex #animated

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