@primantis I am known as Mina on most places and this kinda thing makes me feel confused :S

@primantis I know some people try to get around censorship stuff by linking it on pixiv. Like, censored pic posted and in the description is an Imgur link to uncensored. Maybe that'd work?

@primantis Just remember that they expect NSFW to be censored here... Probably.

pawoo.net/media/57GvpEYagDmruh Maybe I should upload some things?

This is a drawing I commissioned. I did not draw this. The artist is tenkdrawsart.tumblr.com/

... What do you people want me to do?

I can be stupid if you want... ;~;

@sha1 Haha I see. I shall have to remember that here english is going to be used for aesthetics rather than function.

@sha1 Well, YOU means, well, You, in english. Your follow announcement read like I was following myself somehow. I assumed it was a joke.

@sha1 This server. I changed the language. I am just here to follow artists I like >.>

Why are people following me?? I am an idiot foreigner! I don't do anything cool!

@Noill Give Marina some marinara. Or w/e. Innuendo.


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