@MinamotoTerumi Not much! Just trying to figure this place out xD

@primantis Just remember that they expect NSFW to be censored here... Probably.

@MinamotoTerumi Good point. I am not seeing it in their ToS; but it is hosted by Pixiv so that's probably a good bet..

@MinamotoTerumi I think I'll just post little bits and pieces of my animations on here. 8mb limit and its such a pain to censor it all xD

@primantis I know some people try to get around censorship stuff by linking it on pixiv. Like, censored pic posted and in the description is an Imgur link to uncensored. Maybe that'd work?

@MinamotoTerumi Pretty much how I do it on Twitter. That would probably work

@MinamotoTerumi I think I'll do a mix of both. It always helps to have actual videos on the timeline. Draws people in more

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