“She reminds me of Usagi... Is it really a coincidence?”

@MercurialPluvia "Who ? Who ? There's someone that makes you think of me, Ami-Chan ? What's her name, I wanna meet her too !"

@tsukinikawase "Ah, Usagi-chan! You snuck up on me...!" She peeked just a bit from her notes, not yet committed to an outright smile.

@MercurialPluvia "So tell me, tell me ! Who's on your mind !" Usagi would lean in, daring to peak her chin over those notes of Ami's that the rabbit herself surely wouldn't understand.

"Is she reaaaaaally cute ?!"

@tsukinikawase In such a manner, they could nearly bump foreheads. It was a goofiness she wouldn't ever tire from seeing in Usagi, though one she could've done without in a moment of introspection, she thought. "Usagi-chan, I... wouldn't say she isn't, but that isn't why I believe you two are similar! It's more so... There's a sort of admiration I feel towards you two, is all. Of course, that feeling is stronger with you... so... the comparison isn't too solid, and..." She trailed her gaze >

@tsukinikawase back down to her papers and idly shuffled them until they were straight and stacked over one another. She hadn't realized how invested she'd been in thinking about Usagi, her /friend/. Her /comrade/. That was strange, she reflected. Could it be a premonition of sorts, or merely her anxiety at being abruptly confronted? She huffed away the notions and finally paid her dear inspiration a grin. "In any case, did you need help with any homework?"

@MercurialPluvia "Admiration, huh. . .?" If right then, she hadn't lined the person in question to Usagi, she'd lead herself to believe that Ami's admiration could be something short of love. Although, the though of romance with Ami had snuck into her mind, but it was a thought she'd been quick to shoo.

"Eek ! Oh, right, I forgot ! Final Exams are coming about uh, in a week or something !" She said, quickly pulling back from her peer in and giving Ami the space she had sought. "B-B-But I umm >

@MercurialPluvia sort of promised myself that. . . I'd d-do this all on my own ! It's my first step to becoming a responsible adult. .ahahaha.. ." Though she had been with a nervous laugh at the end of those words, her determination hadn't wavered. She intended to carry out her conviction to the end of that week, even if she had been on a surefire path to failing.

@tsukinikawase “That’s a good outlook, Usagi-chan.” Ami was surprised. Pleasantly so. She had only noticed that the two had been /together/ at a /library/. Usagi truly had to have been determined. “If you study hard for the next hour, I’ll buy whatever snack you’d like.” Not to mention the great feast she’d slave for had her friend aced the test.

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