"It is remarkably hot today, isn't it? I wouldn't mind having a popsicle myself!"

"There's nothing inherently wrong with being motivated by romance. The instinctual urge to kiss comes to everyone, doesn't it?"

"When you're so aware of yourself, it's hard not to get the attention of others. Please, keep being healthy!"

“Mm. Telemetry was first keyed as an effective means of communication during...”

"It's not as if I haven't thought about settling down... But a letter penned to me, from a stranger, to meet in Tokyo's most renowned center of attraction... It's a bit... What kind of person is this Kazama?"

Today’s sandwich involved an egg and mayonnaise combination. A Mako-recommended break from the usual.

“Such despicable acts for ones calling themselves researchers.”

“She reminds me of Usagi... Is it really a coincidence?”

“The breeze really is quite relaxing today.”


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