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"WE SAW IT COMING… YouTube censorship has targeted the Croquis Cafe. Which is why we started our Vimeo account a couple of years ago; it doesn’t have the same content restrictions. To continue watching our go to our Vimeo channel by going to this link: "

It's amazing, I found the aspect of recently and suddenly for me. You also can use CSS styles to format Markdown! Therefore, you even doesn't need to keep HTML structure for things like "image wall"! See the screenshot below!

The day has come, down in . Due... of course, and because they can't block separate addresses via HTTPS. Someone in the supervisory authority was pretty excited when saw these pics, probably🙂 Assholes.

And the heroes of this Monday are:
@fushichiyo and @kogakunamaitohiro

I used Epic Games Store for a first time:) Good thing, when the agreement is sent to you via email in full form, not usual "click the link".
Funny things are there about trials. As they say something like "please, don't sue us". And that their support is more efficient then court. Never seen something similar from others.

But, I'm afraid, governments around the world thinks that corporations shouldn't resolve their conflicts without government involvement and PAYMENTS TO THE STATE'S BUDGET:)

Julian is no hero and no one is above the law. He has hidden from the truth for years. Thank you Ecuador and President Lenin Moreno for your cooperation with foreignoffice to ensure Assange faces justice
— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) April 11, 2019

When someone will ask you who sponsored terror in Europe then you will know the answer. is making effort to delegate police functions to any private business-company they cooperate to.


I found Screen2GIF app too easy to use=) Finally, will be easy to share something on StackExchange.

Ah, these from . Some photos in that time was better than many contemporary product photos.

Crap! There's no for 2.8, and seems will not:( But is:)

I shared a few with sort and preview:
and without (new VD is experimental and doesn't update viewport correctly)

Stan Lee died the day before Fallout 76 release. Very symbolic. The end of the world is nigh!