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Why ?

I'm extremely negative about any . But I see how other instances ban all from Pawoo because some users posts loly porn pics there.

I believe, if more around the will use banned instances then it will encourage instance admins and developers to change their mind about censorship on .

Somewhere in . Almost everyone is willing to pay for the service of , but more then half of the respondent don't want to be one of them. And almost no one is willing to pay :(

Something bad is happening right now. And it's NOT COVID-19!

First, the Russian financial regulators have forbidden foreign issuing and servicing of prepaid MasterCard for Russian citizens. Now services such as Payoneer, TransferWise, and other stops servicing of issued cards and will not issue new. Therefore, only two payment tools are still available for Russian citizens: direct bank transfers and PayPal. But both of them are assuming putting money in the jurisdiction of financial institutions located in Russia!

At the same time, PayPal requests additional information like birthplace, individual tax identification number, and passport top allow users to keep their funds in currencies that differ from Russian rubles. I don't sure what is it, but certainly, there's nothing good.

And on top of it, introducing the law on criminal punishment up to 7 years and a fine of 2 million Russian rubles for cryptocurrency/tokens acquisition and turnover!

And this is in a situation where people are locked in homes, everyone understands the prospects and try to keep money away from Russian banks, and Russia as the state in general.

#cryptocurrency #banking #russia #finance #mastercard #payments #PayPal

Plus v0.8.4-beta is released!

This is a minor release. See 0.8.3-beta release notes for additional information.

Fix #2885 -> Revert `$input-color: $text-strong`

2019: γ‚―γ‚½γƒ‹γƒΌγƒˆ
2020: ζ¨‘η―„ηš„γͺεΈ‚ζ°‘

In the region, the man five people with a . The publication reports that the reason for the attack could be a . The attacker didn't like the behavior of in the .

It's of !

What the great time for your president to take 13% of money from everyone who have $12,706+ on their deposits. Then his spokesman will call it justice forever(!), but no more than 1% of such people around the country. Progress is, they knows that 99% lives with less then $12k 😱

Of course, if the president says that people with an income of $216 is the middle-class, then all right - people with $12k are super reach (no). 🀣

Well, just the refreshment:) I'm in "quarantine" for last 7 yearsπŸ˜†

The messenger hurries to warn the emperor that the burial ground was opened by necromancers, and the army of undead is about to advance to the castle of his imperial majesty in two daysπŸ˜†

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