Lay beside me in the woods
Our lungs will steal the air
We'll let the grass grow beneath us
The cool earth a break from our world
Come tangle with me in the trees
I'll learn the songbird's notes
The wolf's howl to become your own
The night will beg our sonnets
Dance with me within the meadow
Long grasses keeping track of strides
Feel the spirits brush your skin
Their footsteps keeping pace with ours
Lay beside me in the woods
We'll return what we borrowed
Songs and breath joyfully used

Come into my hell
Witness the corpses dance upon me
Take a jump out of your shell
Feel the fire set you free
Please, eat within my hall
The flesh of your kind within your jaw
Then feel your humanity fall
The soul shaken from what you saw
Go, crawl back to your holy land
A place of hidden promise and lie
Slither and hide beneath hot sand
A fitting tomb for you to die

I have felt the soft kiss of tequila once more
Washed upon the sand on this drunken shore
Life decisions always lead me here
My own apathy and common fear
Yet I do not remember why I drink
Within my thoughts I cannot think
Assumptions of hidden desires within
Perhaps I cannot live with the sin

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I was raised to believe my God was man
A stern hand and strong voice from heaven
Sunken face with cold eyes
Yet how could he give life?
Hard hands meant for war and plague
No, I think there lies a Goddess
Mother to us all
Giver of life and love
Her fair hands to guide us
My goddess doesn't revel in war
She doesn't kill with hatred
This Goddess is the light in the dark
My Goddess welcomes all with open arms

To depths we go
Through debts we row
Little lifelines cast
Ample supplies snatched
More storms we ride
Those waves we tried
Shattered timber we float
Heavy stories we tote
Remnants spit out onto land
Bodies covered in sand
To depths we'll go
Through debts we'll row

Given the simplicity of Stairway to Heaven's intro, I'm having a frustratingly hard time learning to play it.
Guess that's what I get for arbitrarily deciding to learn it on a work night.😧

In nights that tell of incoming storms
Cold numb silence interwoven with warm
Air that blows upon my face
Heart of my mother keeping the pace
Hands shake as I know the strain to come
Unraveling skin that mustn't come undone

Blood in mouth and blood on teeth
Never forget how they made you seethe
Clenched muscles through silent screams
Keep it still,don't tear your seams
That warriors heart beats in your chest
Yet the war is done, no battle is left
Learn to still you lungs; stifle the smoke
Hide your claws then wear a dog's cloak
Those things they made you do
Screams that fill your nights
A monster they made you
Such a horrid sight

Hotel Beau Séjour is a great show and I recommend anyone looking for a short binge look it up on Netflix.

Cigarettes and Tequila
Every girl's favorite lovers

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It is a cruelty to know
if you came back now. If you knocked
if you came bearing fruits
and castle bricks, and tickets to New Orleans,
and a mouthful of our history
dripping like honey. If you told me
‘I still have the last bedsheet you bought.’
If you gave me an oyster card with a year of travels on it.
I’d let you in, for tea, and I wouldn't reach for your hand
when the cup was empty,
I’d tell you to go home. I am home.
And I don’t wish for this

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I fear that I'm quite twisted in the head
For as I go I'm surrounded by the dead
Those that came before, now then soon
Walk beside me in day clear as noon
They are the ranks of my past
My kind
My blood
And soon I will join them, as I breathe my last

Goodnight, my friends.💜

Lay upon my breast, lover.
Let your being feel my pulse.
Fight recoil at Satan beneath my ribs,
His snarls and desires wrought in my being.
Listen as I sing sickly sweet songs.
Learn of my shame and mistakes.
Find carcasses in my wake I've left;
hear their wails of caution, sorrow, betrayal.
Leave me here, my waning love.
Limbs sunken into sheets decaying.
Famine of heart is all you've won.
Hollowed love to starve your weary soul.

I miss you
The laughs we shared in that ihop parking lot
Stories you'd tell me as you became a warrior
My awkward hands unsure of their cause
Now I simply miss you
And those simple nights
We watched the sun come up in my truck
Now I wonder if you still watch the sun rise
And if your thoughts ever turn to me
The way mine do to you

I'm watching Violet Evergarden on Netflix and I keep getting teary eyed...

Why do they do this😭

Blood on the sand and blood in my eyes
Blinded by the rage of gods long gone
Men die today for men dead yesterday
But this blood in my eyes allows me to see
An image of corpses crawling beneath my feet
And so I'll load my rifle and pray to the heavens
While all present only receive their condemnation.