If I was a musical note,
I'd be the minor to sadden
A shadow of a note you know,
Missing the warmth within
Reminiscent of something powerful,
Yet I sink your soul with my presence

After the Scripture
We started to pray
But no higher power heard our cries
No prayer received
Hysteria overtook us
And our backs we turned
That higher power
With deaf ears
Shall receive no love of mine

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Shall I sing of your beauty
Or praise your elegance
Speak volumes of your skill
Drown others in your tales
Better yet I'll whisper of your arrogance
Laugh at your hidden flaws
Scream from the rooftops your ignorance
As you stare at me from broken mirrors

I find myself somewhere strange with you
A mountains peak lying within a deep crater
Sideways glances prove your eyes sense it too
Our lips refusing our ears to cater
The path downward leads certainly away from light
To the exit we'll surely lose sight

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Father forgive me for I have sinned
Forgive me for I am not the light of my namesake
I cast no beauty upon the land
Only obscure in shadow and arrogance
Forgive me Father
For I feel nothing towards you
I do not hate, or fear, nor love
You created me as a monster
A warrior with no homeland
No cause to die for
Forgive me Father
I have seen these light chains that bind me
I have felt the cuffs begin to chaff my skin
Father forgive me
For I am not your daughter

Tonight I saw a shooting star
It wasn't as pretty as I was told they would be
Nor did it last as long
It was a quick, violent dash across the sky
Two lines of smoke left behind
It broke up, without any showers of light
I wonder if it was told how it would go
If it felt the lie

When my ancestors look down,
What do they see?
A warrior coming into herself,
Strength flowing through her frame?
Or do they focus upon my scars;
My defeats and my shame.
Do they turn their heads in pity
Show their backs to my failure?
No road is without struggle;
No war won without loss.
To the bloodtrail that led me here,
And to streaks I'm yet to leave.
I am a warrior.

Firearms Show more

Ten thoughts fill my head
To fill me with heavy dread
Ten thoughts do fill my head
Of problems I care not to shed
Four reasons fall upon my door
Four reasons to sink to the floor
Four reasons fell upon my door
Those reasons I cannot ignore
One bottle
One bottle filled with lead
One bottle
One bottle to make me undead

To be what you need
Heat to cause your rising
Air to fill your lungs
Shell keeping you safe
I fill a broken void
Your lungs pull in my water
And my cold aches your bones

Every day
And every night
I wither
For no reason
Other than my apathy
And my fear
I used to be a warrior
Blood in my teeth
Screams on my lips
But now I am broken
Limbs bloodied and weak
The blood in my mouth is my own
And my eyes grow dark

My body mistakes me
Sword in my side
Assault on my being
My blood destroys flesh
Tears my being to ribbons
This life as a battlefield

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The crave of Crimson
One can't know the call
Feel the pull deep within them
Until they've lost sight of land
Their sails worn and tattered
To hear sharp knives ring of church bells
Beckoning the weak to cave
To fall within their halls
To cry; to beg; to bleed
That steel as benevolent as gods
Sing songs of siren beauty

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Endgame tops Avatar with the rerelease. Avatar rerereleases to fight back. Soon only those two movies are allowed in theatres. Humanity becomes divided. Then comes the faction wars.
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Wine wine wine

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