A trade I had with my freind Tweaker of his Shota-cat persona

A commissioned order for an anonymous user featuring his fursona and his mouse girl character banging on the beach. The two characters in the back I made up just for shits-n-giggles. I may make a follow up to this in the future featuring those two background characters.

Ogrest is an adorable character :blobheartcat: I really love Dofus and Wakfu; I need to draw more characters from that series

A birthday gift for a good freind of mine named Ethersaga. This is of his very cute shark loli, Miranda Wrights :blobowo:

I will be Re-Tooting my art of my Baraag account to dont do double repost n.n/, hope you all understand and enjoy it here too on Pawoo.

one of my pics that im proud done time ago. when you put so much details in the background. took me more time finishing the BG that the main character. My cat Blue Russian Pawsky Pavlov.

More Rule34 that did time ago this time of Kanna. maybe will draw more soon. more cute lolis when i get the chance. :blobderp:

A collaborative piece with my brother @lpawz for a client of ours featuring their OC with Lpawz's werewolf shota Paulo

trying a cartoonish style time ago, two bad girls bottomless, My little Tiger and the bunny of a friend on IB. i have more on this style just that now i draw them more shorty :blobderp: expect more of this.

Cute commission done a couple of years ago in Inkbunny. one of my favorites, some lewd acts in publics.

One of my first Collab with @Gaoru
of my Girl Pawsky. >w> some crazy photo session of her crazy friend Angela. her bodyguard Spencer for sure enjoy when she wear this and is there for the photos. having so much later with her right @Gaoru ?πŸ˜‹

More Sharky girl for @Gaoru other old pic that i did for him.
i really love this girl.
Azul - @Gaoru
and a few of my girls on the background lol

My first pic that i did for @Gaoru time ago, was the start of an awesome friendship. now we are developing big projects together. My girl Tenori(the tiger, with no the updated design) and his Girl Azul the best waifu shark.

a gift that i did for a friend on Inkbunny a few years ago xB
Posting more old art.

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