Пытаюсь доделать старую анимацию, которую начал в прошлом году...

Uuuooohhh im sooo goddam horny... I want a tasty, wet, tight, warm loli cunny sooo fucking badly :cunny: :sob2:


was working on a longer animation but didn't have time to finish it, so here's a teaser, I posted this plus a small wip on fanbox: crumbles.fanbox.cc/posts/31701

but yeah happy holidays! hope you have a great rest of your week and spend some nice time with your loved ones, byee~

Holy fuck.... Always when I see a cute naked loli wearing cute sexy kneesocks... It just makes me even more horny and wilder... There's not a single cloths that makes more reaction out of me than leggings on lolis :ishtar_feet: :sob2:
Bed time, that means one last loli post. Good night.
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