I'm moving back to my old Youjo account. Lolison has blocked all media from Pawoo and that does put me in a bad spot to share media across the whole map fediverse and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on my hot memes.

Please follow me there!


State of MAP instances according me:

NNIA - Experiencing a big boom of high quality and interesting posters not seen in a long time, still the most solid instance.

Youjo - Losing prominence due to lack of new blood and remaining users growing tired of arguing.

F.U - Declining in popularity, pretty much no users ever engaging in discourse or fun posts.

Lolison - Booming with users, has a very juvenile feeling to it, lots of shitposting.

Pawoo - Violent Semen Inferno

I came across a good essay on love:


"If we acknowledge that sex can be a mechanism of violence, oppression and abuse, we must afford love the same recognition. None of this β€œbut it isn’t really love if they hurt you” nonsense. Love intersects with and justifies many shapes of denigration, denial and hatred targeted at marginalised people. Until we acknowledge that there is no falsehood in a love that abuses, we create sheltering shadows where people who love have free rein to harm and dehumanise.

It’s comforting to think that a love that wounds isn’t real love, but it denies the complexity of experience and feeling had by survivors. It denies the complexity of experience and feeling that makes it harder for us to identify abuse and escape its claws. It denies the validity of survivors who look at love and feel an honest doubt about its worth, as a word or a concept, in our own interactions and experiences."

We as paraphiliacs need to pay attention.

So it's not always that a minor feels completely powerless about an abusive situation they are in with an adult, it's not always that they feel trapped by the forces of adultism and ageism but that they feel trapped and responsible for the mental well-being of someone who might show them kindness but also hurts them and asks them to do things they would prefer not to do, their abusers are not seductive and powerful adults but pathetic and weak worms in many cases.

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Through life experiences most adults understand that sometimes you need to cut someone from your life even if it's going to hurt both, you understand that you need to set boundaries for your own comfort and if others can't respect them you're better off without them, you understand that sometimes you'll have to bruise someone's feelings or ego for your own safety but because of their inexperience and lack of social skills most children/teens don't know how to deal with such situations

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The image of the cunning and smooth-talking predator who seduces the innocent and easily impressionable kid is often far from the reality I've been told and seen, a lot of these creeps are whiny weak-minded crybabies who try to take advantage of the kindness of the minor, that's what they exploit the most the sympathy of their victim for them. "I don't want him to feel bad" has been a line I've heard more than couple of times, more than anything related to fear of their position as an adult.

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I try to avoid discussions of csa and grooming but something that irks me often is seeing people only acknowledging power and its derivatives over the minor as the sole factor for such events, from my experience talking to victims of grooming that is not always the case, the predators don't try to exert power over them using their hierarchical position in society but by "lowering" themselves at the same level or even below to the point the minor feels sometimes they are the 'mature' ones.

I was thinking the map fediverse has been very peaceful in the last months, we are often very different from each other and we are all sort of clumped together in a small space which has created really strong frictions in the past but things have remained surprisingly calm for a while. I mean aside from Yoki pissing off everyone but that doesn't count because it actually brought us together. I'm proud of everyone and myself.

lol these trackers are insane man, I got this "12yo" suggestion out of nowhere on Pinterest but I browse nothing there but art, I also never search for such words because I'm not stupid obviously or ever search any pictures of real people for that matter so I wonder if it somehow picked it up from Mastodon? I can't think of anything else.

If any MAP instance admins plans to block Pawoo please let me know in advance so I can move somewhere else and not get cut off.

There are many valid reasons to criticize the practices and treatment efficacy of different branches of healthcare but things like being 100% anti-psychiatry while millions of people around the world can give testimony of what a positive difference it made in their lives puts you on the level of anti-vaxxers and I'm not sure why it seems to get a pass on marginalized communities so much. I'm sure we would agree in various criticisms but it is still a thing that many people find life-saving.

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