“It isn’t conceit if it brings me such joy, you realize.”

@aonokeishousha “Such a sporting beauty!” Emilie spread her arms with festive confidence, a foot ahead of her other with ankles nearly hugged; hers had been a touched pose bordering on enthrallment. “I’ll give you the much coveted choice of deciding on our venue of conflict!”

Noel had the Monegasque’s unerring attention. She wouldn’t be escaping her self-destructive pleasure.

@PersonaXDetective “Then you know by now—all else can wait. I desire you /now/.” She’d found tighter grips at the very tips of Naoto’s breasts, looking to pleasantly agitate the nipples that could be as soft as they’d soon be rigid. Her tongue, in the midst of her satisfied smile, flickered at the earlobe of the eternally charming detective, looking to garner more than a meager shudder.

“My delinquent awaits me. Wallow in your frailty, as all elderly should.”

@PersonaXDetective “You certainly keep your life interesting. Though, you don’t mean to claim that the trivial matters of men are more important than me, do you?” She smooched into Naoto’s back with a tantalizing patience, deliberately loud and wet kisses following the moment after, trailing up to the very nape of her groggy detective’s neck.

@PersonaXDetective She wrapped her arm over Naoto from behind, lacing against her neck gentle as could be, but so too with a firmness not to be easily wriggled from. She pressed her nose against the messy blue hair, losing herself in the morning scent prominent yet with the aroma of their passion. >

@twirlingphoenix Amid her reversing flip /towards/ Xiaoyu, she extended one leg high over her head, casting a shadow over her smirk. Her lone heel, falling like a guillotine, had been solely targeting the head of the perturbed panda-lover.

@twirlingphoenix The strength of Xiaoyu’s blow forced her to skid back—not that she’d show it, for she’d channeled that force into a back-flip that appeared effortless. When her shoes both clicked on the ground just a breath away, she immediately pushed down with her heels, boosting herself forward with counter-momentum. >

@twirlingphoenix “Even lowlier, you mean to say?” She’d a daringly teasing tone about her even then, as her shin soaked the immediate brunt of Xiaoyu’s vengeful impact; she’d drifted her shoe forward when that thrust began its initial stride, and only rose her leg just an instant before the crash. Knee bulging, she’d elegantly kept guard for all of a second. >

@aonokeishousha “Hoh~?” Not one to deny herself the opportunity of desired brutality, Emilie twirled with delight, landing herself over to Noel’s side. With a certainly animated bend over to the side, her bridal veil obscured the both of them, as if acting as their parasol.

“Then find me another who is in need of a lesson.” Unless, of course, Noel herself was offering to become the next victim.

“It’s only the natural end for one who stands between my prized delinquent and myself.”

@twirlingphoenix “Such crass passion! I do hope your movements are in contrast, Miss Xiaoyu!”

@aonokeishousha Having noticed the idle ogling, Emilie, keeping her head turned away from those captivated eyes, spoke with a dismissive, almost pompous, “If I can help you with something, it would be in your interests to say so bluntly.”

“For a bodyguard, you’ve done splendidly. However, I wish to speak to the head, not her tag-along.”

“The old self can’t help but bow before my pristine devotion.”

“How long will you keep me waiting, Akira Kazama?”

@KikouTeschio “It would be most worth your time, I assure.” She wasn’t keen on backing down. The opposite gripped her; it had been those deviously threatening eyes that allured her so.

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