@LarkspurWaltz “We have a new case soon, Emilie-san...” Called out a drowsy Naoto, smiling tenderly. She had /just/ woken up and was already worried over her job.


@PersonaXDetective She wrapped her arm over Naoto from behind, lacing against her neck gentle as could be, but so too with a firmness not to be easily wriggled from. She pressed her nose against the messy blue hair, losing herself in the morning scent prominent yet with the aroma of their passion. >

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@PersonaXDetective “You certainly keep your life interesting. Though, you don’t mean to claim that the trivial matters of men are more important than me, do you?” She smooched into Naoto’s back with a tantalizing patience, deliberately loud and wet kisses following the moment after, trailing up to the very nape of her groggy detective’s neck.

@LarkspurWaltz It had been torture to manage her slipping free of Emilie's serpentine beckon back into their bed. Predator came to prey yet again, and snared her in a feathery embrace with the strength of undoubted iron. Naoto's clumsily groggy body became still, stiff even when she felt her partner-in-duty so close, taking in the remains of their lust through her nose.

“It is my duty, not a hobby.” She spoke with false severity; her voice was like gelatin matching the rest of her entirety–

@LarkspurWaltz when the soft purr escaped Emilie's lips, following the soft, wet kisses that made her legs tremble like the rest of her entirety. It took her a few seconds to muster an answer. “N-No! No! Never! I... I just... Have my job...” Naoto was a helpless workaholic, and Emilie a huntress that knew how to tease her. It was difficult to not lose one's self in the kisses and lulling voice.

Suffice to say, her previous tiredness was entirely gone.

@PersonaXDetective “Then you know by now—all else can wait. I desire you /now/.” She’d found tighter grips at the very tips of Naoto’s breasts, looking to pleasantly agitate the nipples that could be as soft as they’d soon be rigid. Her tongue, in the midst of her satisfied smile, flickered at the earlobe of the eternally charming detective, looking to garner more than a meager shudder.

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