“For a bodyguard, you’ve done splendidly. However, I wish to speak to the head, not her tag-along.”

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"I'll make you /wish/ Panda had squashed you beneath those waters. You'll need a lot more than just beauty to take me on, you know !"

@twirlingphoenix “Such crass passion! I do hope your movements are in contrast, Miss Xiaoyu!”


Her hands moved like calm tides that bent raging ones, tornadoes calmed by small leaves. One hand, elbow inwards, had all fingers curled but her index and thumb, leaving those lone fingers pointed at Emille. The other was identical, albeit, with the arm fully extended.

That left her, prepared for the brilliant dance of the phoenix.

"I believe they're even better !"

And a smile was given, befitting only of confidence rather than kindness, before those hands shifted once >

@LarkspurWaltz more, inching closer with a lone blow. Palm exposed, she'd thrust forth her storming flower towards Lili's abdomen with a force that even gave the winds and pavement afar, reason to shake brazenly.

@twirlingphoenix “Even lowlier, you mean to say?” She’d a daringly teasing tone about her even then, as her shin soaked the immediate brunt of Xiaoyu’s vengeful impact; she’d drifted her shoe forward when that thrust began its initial stride, and only rose her leg just an instant before the crash. Knee bulging, she’d elegantly kept guard for all of a second. >

@twirlingphoenix The strength of Xiaoyu’s blow forced her to skid back—not that she’d show it, for she’d channeled that force into a back-flip that appeared effortless. When her shoes both clicked on the ground just a breath away, she immediately pushed down with her heels, boosting herself forward with counter-momentum. >

@twirlingphoenix Amid her reversing flip /towards/ Xiaoyu, she extended one leg high over her head, casting a shadow over her smirk. Her lone heel, falling like a guillotine, had been solely targeting the head of the perturbed panda-lover.

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