“Fitting that the /sham/ shatters into dust.”

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"S-S-Such a beautiful outfit.. . A-And her movements. . . so unique.. ."

@aonokeishousha Having noticed the idle ogling, Emilie, keeping her head turned away from those captivated eyes, spoke with a dismissive, almost pompous, “If I can help you with something, it would be in your interests to say so bluntly.”

@LarkspurWaltz "I-I. . . ."

She'd been with a studder, pulled back into the confines of reality, and away from her ample day dreams.

"I would like t-to witness your dance again. . .Please !"

@aonokeishousha “Hoh~?” Not one to deny herself the opportunity of desired brutality, Emilie twirled with delight, landing herself over to Noel’s side. With a certainly animated bend over to the side, her bridal veil obscured the both of them, as if acting as their parasol.

“Then find me another who is in need of a lesson.” Unless, of course, Noel herself was offering to become the next victim.

@LarkspurWaltz She looked left, and then right. While there had been many cheering audiences in the background, none of them looked willing to battle. Yet capable, either.

"I-I'll be your opponent. . Um. . if that's okay." She swallowed, after saying those words. After the dance she witnessed, she wasn't sure she could keep up naturally.

But still, even in the midst of that veil showered gaze, her eyes didn't divert. That could be proving enough that she had some will of a fighter.

@aonokeishousha “Such a sporting beauty!” Emilie spread her arms with festive confidence, a foot ahead of her other with ankles nearly hugged; hers had been a touched pose bordering on enthrallment. “I’ll give you the much coveted choice of deciding on our venue of conflict!”

Noel had the Monegasque’s unerring attention. She wouldn’t be escaping her self-destructive pleasure.

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