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Cat photos transcend all language barriers!


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I've nothing important to say, so here's some photos of my cat. Her name is Felicia. She's a diva and doesn't like her photo taken.

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Oof, I'm trying my hardest to not to ogle at lewd magical girls, but Pixiv is dragging me down that road. It's like
Me: Ok, let's look at some art!
Pixiv: porn of Usagi?
Me: not now Pixiv!
Pixiv: naked Cure Lovely?
Me: well this is nice...
And before I know it, half an hour has passed...

(That was probably not very accurate as most of my time was spent wondering what to say for "boosted")

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ah! I sneezed and accidentally boosted a status. The curse follows me even here.


I'm frantically trying to gather up all the nice looking artists to follow on public timeline. It's very fast moving though from being so crowded. Soon enough I will gather up all the nice artists like a dragon's horde. Except I won't sit on top of any of you...

I know a small bit of Japanese, but I don't feel comfortable or skilled enough to post in it. Please bear with me.

Hello Pawoo! I'm Lanthus. I'm here to lurk around and look at nice art.


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