“I didn’t think I could be so conceited, but...”

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@KikouTeschio "You've led me to believe that some people can be really close to it, Kazama-Kun."

@serugatari “You give me too much credit. I only accomplish what I have to.”

@KikouTeschio "You're too modest. . . Someday though, I'll get you to realize that you're much more than you think you are.

I hope you'll stay around long enough for that."

@serugatari “If you’d have me, Kazumi-san.” She couldn’t help herself. Feeling a touch of hope was inevitable when being regarded by such an influential smile—Hasebe’s smile.

@KikouTeschio "I'll have you for as long as I can. You make me. . . believe in myself." And certainly, her smile had grown then, a hand rising from her front partially sway her bangs almost shyly.

"I'm sorry, that sounded a little weird, didn't it ?" After all, her life had only been brazenly shifted by Akira's hands when it came to the scum of her school.

@serugatari “I’d say my modesty has transferred over to you.” She took a step closer, daring to threaten intimacy that’d shackle the unspoken drums of Hasebe’s heart. Only, however, did she end up reaching for a hand, wishing to lift it between them. “...But maybe that’s a good thing. We can both trip over ourselves and laugh in the end.”

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