If your a trans map, welcome to the club! Feel free to message me!

(part 6) I knew I had to be quick since this was a public space so I tried to speed things along by slightly throat fucking her.
After about 10 mins I spoke out "I'm ganna cum!" And I blew a load down her throat. She gulped it all down.
I looked down and she looked up at me with a proud "ah" like she just finished chugging the best soda she ever had.
I leaned down to give her a forhead kiss and told her "now run along to mommy, and be sure not to tell anyone. Just our little secret :)

(part 5) and my cock already exposed, I presented my cock right infront of her face and told her "well this thing is starting to hurt and I would really like it if it would calm down. Can you help me?"
I guess she was waiting that whole time for me to ask because she immediately began to blow me, guess she watched a whole lot of porn.
She was kinda bad at it but I was too busy enjoying kiddie mouth to care.

(part 4) "well that's smart, we wouldn't want you to get hurt by any strangers. Don't worry though, I'm not a stranger, my name's Roxanne. And it's nice to meet you! Would you wanna be friends?"
She said her name was Lena, and she said she would be happy to have a peepee lady for a friend!
I couldn't help by giggle.
"Well with us being friends, would you like to help me with something?"
She tilted her head in confusion and asked what's wrong.
So with me already half naked in the dressing room

(part 3) hearing this made my cock twitch with excitement, which she noticed and she blushed.
"Have you ever done anything with any of the little boys or girls at your school?"
She shook her head no
I was going to be her first time!
"Have you started touching your private area since you started watching those adult videos?"
She shook her head yes.
"And I'm guessing your mother told you to be careful around strangers?"
She shook yes

(part 2) I asked her "how old are you?" She told me she was 10.
I also asked her "now be honest, I won't tell anyone, have ever seen a naked lady on the internet? Have you ever seen those video where they do adult things with men?"
She shook her head yes.
I stated "oh well then I'm sure you know what I have is, youve just never seen it on a woman"
Then the thought finally donned on me, where is her mother? So I asked her, and she said her mother is busy at the other end of the store.

(part 1) the last time I fucked a kid, it was in a clothing store.
A little girl got a bit too curious while looking through the dressing rooms. She saw that I had a cock, and she was immediately fascinated.
Instead of covering myself I gave her a better look.
I asked her "have you ever seen a lady with this type of private area before?"
She shook her head no.
I conceded to a lustfull smile.

I am so happy to be surrounded by so many maps. It makes me feel like my urges for wanting to breed a child untill their a drooling mess is welcomed

For some reason wickr isn't l
Sending my messages to anyone. So I'f you want to dm me, dm me here

i want a loli to give me a foot job, while a shota sucks my tiddies

by the time my kids reach adulthood, they will know how to properly suck a fat cock

Everyone wish my bf a Happy b-day! He's 15!

everytime i see a child all i can think about is "what that mouth do?"

Ya know I talk about teens and kids alot. But I also like adults too, so don't be afraid to dm me if your above 18

is there anything hotter then a mom fucking the brains out of thier child with there massive fem cock?

1 day i shall achive this

if your daughter isn't filled with cum 24/7 i think you need to rethink your parental strategy

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Been having to deal with irl stuff, don't worry it isn't all bad, it's just alot of different stuff

I think a cute teenie girlfriend would help me go to sleep, a good session of tearing her young holes up would leave me tired and wanting to cuddle her to sleep

thinking about becoming an teacher. helping the younger generation how to properly suck girl cock would be amazing

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