what even is the purpose of kanji when hiragana and katakana are already complete
most kanji are equivalent to only 1 or 2 kana, so it isn't worth all the extra strokes
@tuxcrafting kanji is the original writing evolved from chinese.

Hiragana and katakana don't contain the meaning of the kanjis.
@zemichi yeah i know but my point was that japanese has a phonemically unambiguous syllabary, so why keep the logographs
@JapanAnon @tuxcrafting you know what's fucked up?

British people giving Americans shit for spelling things differently in English when the Japanese did the same thing with Chinese and they don't get shit for that.

This is fucked up. :backfromgab:
チャノロジー、30日@南フ42a @JapanAnon

@zemichi @tuxcrafting Those dirty Commies were using them all wrong anyway.