Day24 Aftercare

"I said DON'T cum inside!"
"sorry, sorry..."

day 16 threesome

I've got 7-8 new OCs those I want to draw more than 1 time from this Kinktober
These bois are 3 of them.

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Day 10

I want to draw them but they're not very kinky, so...

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Day 5 Anal sex

I wanted a couple of characters that can do what the dumb friend and the perv friend can't for a while. I didn't mean to at first but Aoi and the green hair boi suits it eventually.

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Day 6 Surrender

I got carried away doing this.
Don't worry, Ace is a pro wrekter. He got no serious injury, he has trained well (or will be trained well, I don't know, yet...)

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Hello! I'm opening commissions as my laptop continues to sound like a failing car ignition :blobsad:

If you are interested please DM me! I may only accept as many as I can handle but I would very much appreciate the support! #shota (not pictured but I also draw #loli X3)

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