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Short intro for the new followers:

I'm a cunt

Long version:

I'm an even bigger cunt than that

The hell is a “museum community”

>Coworker tries to guess the name of Pokemon

"The rooster one is named COCKMASTER"

>I dieded that day

"What do you do at work all day?"

I work very hard writing programs

Also me:

I have chokers for my programming socks

This is why I am the Emperor of Trans

My boss: "Check out this tree of life. It says what species you are related to"

Me, an intellectual: "SWEET. IM RELATED TO METALZOA"

Notification "You've got a package"

Yea its fucking hot. Thanks for noticing!

Yellow square

They want $1400 usd for a FUCKING YELLOW SQUARE

I detest modern art

Get a real job!!!

"How was your trip to Germany?"

Look at the size of that beer stein

Now look how smug I am

Well if you want to be a bitch about it...

The queen bee is a slave to the hive. She is forbidden to leave. She is only kept alive to produce more offspring

I mean... if you want to be a bitch about it and all...

My girlfriend made me end my consecutive login streak of Yu Gi Oh Duel links...

482 days in a row

I was too busy being all up in her


This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

Megaman X Double Boss mode

Only once before have I had this much fun taking two on at once

@lis you better have your programming socks on

Mom will not be pleased

So far, I like Pawoo

All the lewds are covered up for SFW browsing and neatly organized for my after work browsing

As a bonus the service isn't swamped with morons. Very relaxing

I think I will stay

If you post content by "trusted sources" like the New York Times, Eunomia will assign you a high trustworthiness score. This is without regard to how many Iraqis the NYT got killed by spreading fake news that lead up to and justified Iraq War 2.

Don't mistake Establishment-approved for "trustworthy"