Frozen Binary Momdom of Chaos

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Short intro for the new followers:

I'm a cunt

Long version:

I'm an even bigger cunt than that

The hell is a “museum community”

>Coworker tries to guess the name of Pokemon

"The rooster one is named COCKMASTER"

>I dieded that day

"What do you do at work all day?"

I work very hard writing programs

Also me:

I have chokers for my programming socks

This is why I am the Emperor of Trans

My boss: "Check out this tree of life. It says what species you are related to"

Me, an intellectual: "SWEET. IM RELATED TO METALZOA"

Notification "You've got a package"

Yea its fucking hot. Thanks for noticing!

Yellow square

They want $1400 usd for a FUCKING YELLOW SQUARE

I detest modern art

Get a real job!!!

"How was your trip to Germany?"

Look at the size of that beer stein

Now look how smug I am

Well if you want to be a bitch about it...

The queen bee is a slave to the hive. She is forbidden to leave. She is only kept alive to produce more offspring

I mean... if you want to be a bitch about it and all...

My girlfriend made me end my consecutive login streak of Yu Gi Oh Duel links...

482 days in a row

I was too busy being all up in her


This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

Megaman X Double Boss mode

Only once before have I had this much fun taking two on at once

@lis you better have your programming socks on

Mom will not be pleased

So far, I like Pawoo

All the lewds are covered up for SFW browsing and neatly organized for my after work browsing

As a bonus the service isn't swamped with morons. Very relaxing

I think I will stay