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Nefer was the September fanbox poll winner, but I wanted to make something special. So I also made Ruth with him. I love way this turned out.

You can see more versions at:

#nsfw #sphinx #gargoyle #loli #shota

A good time [commission]
Thank you so much for your support n.n and for commiss me to draw my boyos❤️
#shota #shotacon #yadiel

some bonding time before we jump in the warm and cozy soul cannon

Big bro is home from college and he's as horny as ever. Time to invite his younger brother to a sleep-over in his bedroom ;3c #shota #incest #nsfw

A couple of brothers. Some wrestling after a bath got steamy quick~ #shota #incest #nsfw

doodled my fav characters :*)
they r so close
hard to stylize them but im improving!


Another older piece, don’t really draw shota anymore but this will forever be my favorite drawing #shota

#shota New commission of Willis and Izzy. This picture was @Anonanim inspired. Expression for Izzy eyes depending on your preference. Found that the 1st one was more popular with people I shared this over, additionally tan alt for Izzy which was an error but hey it's an alt, hope you all like it. Artist page

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