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Hello! I'm Fievul (5ul), and sometimes I write NSFW / taboo / problematic stories.

You can find my stories on Tumblr:
(Password: tab00shotasandmore! )


はじめまして、ファイベル です!私は NSFW / R18 ストーリーを 書きます。

(私の日本語 は まだ みじゅく です. 🙇)

🤔 Maybe I should link back to my CRK Twitter as well? Not like it's hard to find me |D;;;

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Finally brushing the dust off my DW account and using it to archive my fics 😤

I only have a sfw CRK fic up, but I'll be uploading more over the week!

BNHA x OSMT | sfw, coffee shop AU yet canon compliant, cw: language (kacchan swears) + age gap | Implied BakuTotty | OOC


MP100 | sfw, babyfic | implied ShimaTeru | probably OOC

idk how to write. ages & body plans aren't set so run wild.
inspo from @/lohkay's ff7 comic + @/pomworm's knife teru pin + some rl family nonsense.
(Written back in August.)


This is my oc his name is strawbabey (babey for short)

He started off as a cow hybrid but also has a human version now with lots of peircings~ #shota

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