I've seen a lotta folks in Inkbunny posting baraag links and it reminded me to check this account >.> but... uhhhhh... now I need to know who to follow

The last pictures i did of my boy Paulo, the werewolf :blobcatsurprised: now is his wolf form, trying more poses and other styles while i was getting used to my new tablet. he always looking for fun :blobcatbreadpeek: together with his little brother Renaldo
( @Gaoru ) traveling around the world always together and just having each-other and having so much lewd adventures >w> muhaha, that is why you always see them in all the places with all the cuties.

A commission that i did of the Cute Olivia Flaversham from the film The Great Mouse Detective :3
#ロリ #ケモロリ

Here's an edited version because I can't share the nude one! (the clothes are edited on)

for future reference, I won't be doing private commissions except maybe with a fee;;

It's my birthday!!! I realized I never posted this here so here you go.

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