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I won't tell anyone my real age because it's a trigger
I am a kid
I hope you treat me as one

I disappeared for a looooong time
Lost access to my sessions
Hello again everyone!

To whoever made this image
Klee is a child
And she's the most precious little thing in the planet and I will cuddle her until I pass out because of her adorableness
I wanna cover her in smooches

People never looked at my pin
So I put my session on my bio
I don't use matrix anymore

I wanna suck baby dick so muuuuuch
So cute and soft

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Sorry I disappear often..
I don't have much to talk, or anyone to talk to really...

Need cuddles and affection from a mommy

I'm going to buy a pacifier
I swear i will!

I wanna see kids having fun!
I wanna have fun!
That is scarry...

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Saw someone "trading links" in twitter
They had rape
I got scawwed

Finally I'm back
No internet in the weekend
I want cuddleeees!!!

Made a new friend today!
They are soooooo coooool
I love my cool friends

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