Ecchiveria ‘Black Knight’

I’mma say it for you ’cause you can’t
Fuck ableds

These people you worked so hard to protect
I don’t see anything in them
I’m sorry Boss
They don’t mean a thing to me
I’ll learn to play with ghosts, like you did
That’s all
I’m going to take a different path from you
But I’ll meet you in the Coalsack
In the end

I’m sure this is all a lie
Come tomorrow you’ll be back taking charge you won’t be a ghost
Trying to seize life by the balls trying to make every single fucking person in your line of sight happy
I know this is a lie
Maybe you’ll come back, reinvented
You should live just because

Long time ago you asked me to take care of things for him
On October 8
In a dream
You left on a train and left me behind
And I was Giovanni
And the big guy and I grieved over you
But he managed to bring you back
Got that train to turn around
You switched tickets

You should’ve just stayed inside Boss
But I get it
You were stressed
You had to go outside and relax somehow
I hope the stars were singing
Hope the vernal pool frogs sang bright songs with them
Hope you got to talk to your old man
You and Kyle
That’s it
That’s all I have to say

My friend really never knew what he was doing with himself did he

I have no idea what to do with this letter
I kind of don’t want to send it
I don’t see the point
But maybe that’s my problem it’s not for me to judge is it
I guess I’ll see in a year
I personally don’t think it matters anymore

can be really important for people. They are stress-relieving, but they are also sometimes the only means by which they can communicate. Also, when people talk about their hobbies, their eyes can light up in a way that doesn't happen in anything else!

Valentine’s Day can be a good day to spend with platonic friends, too
I love you Zephyr I love you Giovanni
@Shibui_Kyle I remember when he showed up at my room door with a basket of bread with that big childish smile
And he just turned to leave without a word
I ran to follow him
And we brought bread to cuz the same way
And you guys taught me about Yakuza, and…
ROUGE OF LOVE every night…

Looking through some of my old photos and realizing I used to be more chill what the fuck happened

I wonder what my old friend is doing for Valentine’s Day
Not that I wanna take him out or anything
I know he likes seafood bowls god where’s a good seafood restaurant he would like

The world can be rough. Politics, viruses, natural disasters. So here is a female blanket octopus to remind you that this planet is still a pretty amazing place.

You've got this.

Video by NAD Lembeh Resort:

Can you imagine even proposing defunding libraries and museums at the federal level.

Well, if you're not reading, it's probably pretty hard to imagine much.

Lucky for you, unimaginative non-reader, it was proposed in the new budget to defund all libraries. To build a wall.

Remember when Autism Speaks tried to sue a 14 year old autistic kid for creating a parody site?

Remember when Autism Speaks tried to sue a 14 year old autistic kid for creating a parody site?

Video: A man smacking his partner, lying face down, on their ass, and their brown dachshund puppy joins in. Smack smack smack smack. I’m the puppy, my partner Y.R. is the man, and Kyle is the butt.

dreaming about cottage core aesthetic

Instead of buying school supplies, hiring more nurses or counsellors, expanding classrooms, or raising teachers’ wages, school districts are paying millions in mass surveillance systems that record students’ faces and their individual travel histories on campus.

A coyote and a badger use a culvert as a wildlife crossing to pass under a busy California highway together. Coyotes and badgers are known to hunt together.

🎥Peninsula Open Space Trust